Tesla stock price to hit $100 billion by end of 2020

Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, is poised to become the largest publicly traded stock in the world.

A key factor is the company’s high valuation. 

The valuation of Tesla, according to Bloomberg, was $104 billion in 2020, up more than 3,500% from the year before.

Tesla is expected to surpass $100 trillion, according Bloomberg, with an IPO valued at $1.8 trillion. 

Musk said in January that the company was on track to break $100bn in revenue this year, which would be the biggest single-year increase in Tesla’s valuation since 2006.

Tesla’s revenue rose to $25.5 billion last year, and the company said it will hit $50 billion in 2019.

The company said last week that it would be releasing its first stock offering since it was acquired by Tesla in 2018. 

In an interview with the New York Times, Musk said he was expecting the company to be worth more than $1 trillion.

Musk said the stock price is based on the expectation that Tesla’s products will go on to become mass-market vehicles. 

“Our goal is to do that,” Musk said. 

Tesla has been working on developing a self-driving car since at least 2019.

Musk was at a Tesla show in 2019 when a video surfaced showing him driving the company car with a human passenger. 

There is no doubt that Musk is in the driver’s seat of Tesla.

He is responsible for the engineering, design and development of the company cars. 

As for Tesla’s stock price, the stock was trading at $101.75 on Thursday.

The price rose to a record high of $101,250 after the company posted a profit of $13.6 billion.

The valuation of the Tesla stock is up about 40% from its IPO price of $21.50 in 2018, according the Bloomberg report.