The fish market in Italy is a market worth the price of its fish

Italian fish market owner and fishmonger Paolo Scalfaro, who has run his own fish market for 30 years, says the fish market is one of the few in the country where people can come to buy fish and feed their families.

“For me it’s the biggest market in the world,” he told AFP news agency on Friday.

“The market is here to serve the Italians and the rest of the world.”

Mr Scalfari, who said he made his living selling fish to the fishmongers of Milan and Venice, said the market had a reputation for quality, with “some of the best fish available in the Mediterranean”.

“I sell my fish in a market in Florence, Milan and in other Italian cities,” he said.

“But I do have a fish market that I also manage, and it’s a good place to sell my products, too.”

Mr Saccaro, whose stall at the market, called The Fish Market, is named after his father, was among about a dozen people who turned up for a demonstration to sell their catch in front of the building in central Turin on Friday afternoon.

He said he hoped the public would support the local community and help the fish producers by buying their catch.