How to beat the Milwaukee Public Market’s free parking rules

A Milwaukee public market that’s already in a rut because it’s so congested with visitors is being forced to get a major makeover.

Milwaukee Public Market officials announced Thursday that they’re going to limit parking in the city’s downtown lots, which could help keep traffic flowing.

The new rules come after a spate of traffic deaths and major injuries over the past month.

Milwaukees Park and Recreation District said in a statement Thursday that it’s implementing a new policy to limit the number of people who can park in its lots.

The policy allows only one person to park in the lot for every three cars, a decrease from two cars per car.

The city said it will work with the Public Market to help manage the city lots with fewer parking spaces and a more “transparent” system for people to park.

It’s still not clear if the changes will also apply to other city lots, such as on Lake Shore Drive.

Public Market spokeswoman Lauren Lusardi told ESPN Crikey that they are already reducing parking in lots near the public markets.

She said they plan to continue to do so, and are working to increase the number and length of parking spaces in the downtown lots to make the city streets safer for pedestrians.

The new policy comes on the heels of a slew of traffic fatalities and major injury incidents at the Milwaukee public markets over the summer.

A man was killed by a car in the Milwaukee area in August, and another person was injured when a car drove into a crowd of people at a public market on July 27.

The Public Market announced Wednesday that it would implement a new plan to reduce traffic fatalities, including offering free parking for all guests.