Which markets are making money? – What you need to know

The Farm Credit Markets and the Australian Stock Market are both showing impressive gains over the last few weeks.

The Australian Stock market has hit a record high, while the Farm Credit market has seen a surge in recent days. 

The Farm Credit Market has seen the biggest growth in recent weeks, rising 7.5 per cent to $2.65 billion.

This is the largest increase since the market was founded in 2004.

The Farm credit market was set up in 2004 by the former Treasurer, Robert McCallum, who was appointed to the role by the then Labor government.

The market is a market in which farmers are able to borrow money from a bank and put it into a property or a farm.

The Farm’s market is set up by the Farmers’ Union, who set up the market in response to the financial crisis.

It allows farmers to borrow up to 30 per cent of their annual income, while other banks are allowed to lend less.

The Farmers’ Association said the market has helped farmers in Australia earn $3.2 billion in the last three years.

“This is an opportunity for the farmer to earn money without the risk of having to worry about being hit with a loan default,” Ms McConaghy said.

“I think the farm credit market is really helping the market to get back on track and is helping farmers who are in debt to get their loans back on their feet.”

The Farm market is one of a number of market events taking place across Australia on Thursday.

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