‘We’re still working out the details’: Walmart to introduce ‘Walmart Market’ app to ‘make shopping’ easier

Walmart has announced it will launch a “Walmart Marketplace” app for iOS and Android, a feature that will let people shop and compare prices online.

The app will offer shoppers the option to shop at their favourite Walmart stores, as well as buy products and merchandise from other Walmart stores.

Walmart said it would roll out the app to its stores later this year, though the company is not yet ready to launch the app on its own. 

“Walmart has an innovative marketplace that offers shoppers an unprecedented range of value-added products and services to help them make the most of their time at Walmart,” said Ken Miller, president of Walmart’s US digital business.

“WalMart Marketplace will bring this innovative platform to the Walmart Store and make shopping easier and more convenient for consumers.

Walmart Marketplace is expected to deliver over 1 billion visits and over 1 million daily purchases, generating over $5.2 billion in revenue each year.” 

Walmart said the app will also allow shoppers to compare prices for products across stores. 

The app will allow shoppers the ability to compare products across Walmart stores and also to buy products online. 

According to the company, shoppers will be able to browse through stores and compare price, size, location and other features, as they would on Walmart.com. 

 The company also said it will introduce new Walmart-branded products and products from other retailers, as it works to provide “competitive and differentiated” shopping experiences for its customers. 

WalMart said that it plans to launch more stores across the US in the coming months. 

Image credit: Walmarts store in Austin, Texas “The new Walmart Marketplace will provide a way for shoppers to shop with the convenience and convenience of an online shopping experience and for them to shop for groceries, household goods and other essentials at their own pace,” Miller said. 

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