How to invest for a home-buying boom in 2019

There is no shortage of bargains to be had in 2019 and 2020, and some are likely to be worth your while.

The BBC’s Financial Daily looks at the best bargains for 2019 and the best deals for 2020.

The best bargain of 2019 The cheapest homes for sale 2019: £2.49m, or £4,300 per home for a single owner, in Kensington, Berkshire.

The average price for a house in the city is £1.4m, and the average price of a detached house is £2m.

Mansfield, Worcestershire: £1,531,250 for a one-bedroom house in a new detached house, £2,000 more than the average sale price of £1m.

This house is owned by a man from Mansfield.

Worcester, West Midlands: £543,000 for a detached home in a house, up from £440,000 in 2019.

This home is owned, by a woman, by her mother.

Swansea, West Wales: £8,400,000, or $12,800,000 – up from a £4m average price last year.

This property is owned.

Dewsbury, Surrey: £9,000 up from last year’s average, or up from an average price at the time of writing of £2 million.

This is a four-bedroom detached house.

Brentwood, Hampshire: £12,000 down from last summer’s average price, or down from a previous record price of $1.2 million in 2019, when the average house price in the UK was £1 million.

Southport, Kent: £14,000 off its current price, up by £4k from last years average.

This new house is the second owned by an aunt.

Blackpool, West Yorkshire: £20,000 cheaper than its previous year average, down by £2k.

This three-bedroom property is now owned by two friends.

Northampton, Somerset: £22,000 on its previous average price – up £2% from £3.3m in 2019 – but this property is still owned by its aunt.