How to find your local market

This is the story of a place where you can shop and eat, live and relax, in the heart of Melbourne.

For many, it’s a place to live and work.

Here are five things to know about central market in the city.

What is central market?

It’s a central market located just off the south-east corner of St Vincent Street and Victoria Street, in an area that has been described as the heartland of the CBD.

The market is owned by Melbourne City Council, and has been the scene of a number of events and events since the Victorian Government took over the site in 2017.

The centre is one of Melbourne’s busiest and most vibrant shopping centres, with over 30 shops open at any given time.

It’s also home to the Victoria Square Market, which is a major venue for live music, music festivals and a host of other events.

There’s also a food court and a theatre and dance hall.

When it opened, it was packed, with shoppers lining the narrow road from the north.

But the market has since grown to be one of the largest in Melbourne and one of its best.

What can you buy there?

There are a number products that you can buy at central market including: Meat and dairy products: From locally sourced, organic beef and lamb to beef jerky, pork rinds, dairy milk and other products.

Wine: From fine Italian to Australian wine, from the region to Sydney.

Local produce: Some vegetables are grown locally and there’s even some fresh fruit and berries.

The meat market has more than 300 stalls.